New Venture. New Direction. New Challenge.

I’m not entirely sure where to start with this topic.

Perhaps I should begin by discussing what is considered the “norm” for a twenty-eight-year-old. These days my social feed emphatically reminds me that I should either be engaged, busy planning a wedding, already married and pregnant with either my first or second child and/or investing in property in my hometown in the UK. Whilst this would be the dream to some, and a very happy dream at that, I’m not sure I’m down with this just yet.

My previous boss shared a quote with us in a meeting and the quote has stuck with me ever since.

“Success is often confused with happiness. 

Success is not the key to happiness.

Happiness is the key to success.”

This reminded me that although I enjoyed my job, I continued to lust over the thought of creating something that’s mine. Something that’s solely mine, built from my own hard work, ideas and dedication. In the past, Bren and I have toyed with different ideas and startups but none were the right fit. I only have to look in the browser to see how many domain names we’ve gone through over the years, they range from (2005 – e-commerce specialising in lithium polymer batteries for model aircraft), (2009 – e-commerce specialising in iPhone accessories), (2015 – a unique jewellery concept) and the list goes on.

So without dragging this emotionally charged post out any longer, I’ve decided to do the above – start something that is mine and commit. Fuck it. Life is too short for ‘what ifs’ and regrets, yes?

  • Set Goals Done
  • Quit Job Done

This leaves me with the next chapter; ‘CROMAH’.

My goal? To develop the most desirable cosmetic brushes on the market through compelling design and high-quality components.

A premium brand built for makeup lovers and brush collectors who seek something a little more special for their vanity desk. Design is at the heart of CROMAH and I won’t allow status quo to restrict my vision.

I could ramble on and reveal more details surrounding my plan but I won’t just yet… Subscribe and follow my journey, while I document the good, bad and ugly experiences of my first time fully committing to business.  I’m also eager to open conversations with anyone willing to feedback and offer an opinion. After all, this is a brand built for makeup lovers so your thoughts will be invaluable to me.

Current feelings: 1 part scared, 2 parts excitement, 3 parts ‘so ready for this’.

Let’s go!


aka Amy.